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Business Education
  • Sales: The Sales module is designed to maintain a company’s sales records, customer account information and all transactions relevant to sales function. It also helps monitor customer account activity, generate invoices and record receipts and refunds against customer accounts in the Sales Ledger.
  • Purchases: The Purchases Module is designed to manage all vendor/supplier related information. It manages entire vendor database, records invoices issued and payments made, as well as provides a view of account balances and transaction activity.
  • Accountants: The Accountant Module is designed to help manage the accounting and financial aspects of the business. It helps in making decisions and future projections relevant to the company’s situation. You can enter and maintain the banking details, view the accounts summary, calculate VAT, select financial year and enter tax codes, etc.
  • Tools: This module is a quick assistance point for data storage, retrieval and management.
  • Reports: Reports are generated through a process of collection and selection of data, extraction of information from the data pool and finally, the reproduction and display of information according to user requirements.